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Chrissy Pastore is a sixteen year old songwriter, singer, and musician. She developed a deep passion for music at the age of 11 when she first began playing guitar and wrote her first songs shortly after her first lesson.  From then to now, she has written over hundreds of songs of her own. Her first performance playing original music was for an audience of about 145 people after which she got a standing ovation, and she has continued to perform in venues such as the Triad Theatre in New York City for a full house, 53 Below, The Stamford Diner, The Beach House, The Hilton in Nashville, other local restaurants, and anywhere that will let her sing. Following her NYC performance when she was barely 15 years old, multiple people contacted Chrissy about purchasing her original music. While Chrissy has many hobbies, she finds that she is happiest songwriting, playing her guitar and piano, and performing. Her self-written songs, "Play With Matches" and "Go Getter", earned her the accolades of 'One To Watch' by the Nashville Songwriters Association International, and "Play With Matches" earned her a recommendation for consideration of the organization's exclusive publisher's luncheon. In addition to writing songs, she is a multi award winning poet and dedicates much time to writing of many kinds. She now writes songs each day after school on both guitar and piano. Feel free to listen to a few of those songs under the 'music' tab of this website. Her self-written debut album release, 'Horizon Lines' is available now on all major streaming platforms and on this website! 



Due to the current state of public health, upcoming show dates are postponed until further notice. For a list of past performances, please contact Chrissy using the contact form.

- Chrissy releases her debut album 'Horizon Lines' For direct links to stream the album on Apple Music, Spotify, or Amazon Music click here

-The lyric video for 'diamond tears' is out now! Watch it at:

-The Nashville Songwriters Association International names Chrissy as a 'Ones to Watch' songwriter and recommends her song 'Play With Matches' for consideration for their publisher luncheon. For more on this see:

-Chrissy releases  'music' ! 

-The Greenwich Time newspaper interviews Chrissy about songwriting during the pandemic: at




Due to the current state of public health, Chrissy has no upcoming show dates. It is her priority to keep the safety and health of her listeners strong, and new dates will be announced as soon as it's safe to! In the mean time, you can hear Chrissy sing on her demo record, on her brand new YouTube Channel or on her instagram: @chrissypastoremusic!


Chrissy Pastore's debut album, 'Horizon Lines', will be released this December on major streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud, and more. The album will also be available for downloads, streaming, and purchasing on this website. Physical CDs will only be available for purchase on this website once the album is released. The album will feature 11 of Chrissy's self-written songs

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